Integral Advice at your disposal

At MADAVI ADVISORS AND CONSULTANTS we offer comprehensive services for all your business and personal needs.


We provide advice and tools to help evaluate and analyze your business with the objective of identifying the critical variables to your process, maximizing benefit, and effectively identifying areas of opportunity. We work to provide clear objectives and guidelines through a unique point of view – bringing new ideas to minimize problem areas and increase efficiency.

  • Working side by side with your teams to understand processes and provide a complete diagnosis
  • Detailed process reporting, analysis and improvement recommendations
  • SWOT Analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats)
  • Analysis and reporting of the competitive environment and market trends.
  • Internal cost/benefit analysis and evaluation
  • Establishing processes utilizing Business Intelligence tools
  • Support and advice in making strategic decisions

Our Accounting Consultants will prepare all any formal documentation your business may require in order to present to the various institutions you are dealing with.  Through this process, we will establish an optimal methodology and provide real-time advice for strategic decision making.

  • Analysis of accounting and administrative practices.
  • Procedures for interactions with Public Institutions and Organizations
  • Methodological proposals optimization Ctas. of Results
  • Budget preparation and analysis
  • Evaluation and application of processing standards
  • Legalization of accounting records
  • Presentation of reporting and annual accounts.
  • Updating accounts in arrears
  • Audits of accounting exercises
  • Preparation of financial statements
  • Deposit within annual accounts.
  • Financial Accounting

Let us help you understand the true value of your company. In an environment as ever-changing as the business world, it is very important to be able to determine the true value a company has in the market. While there are different models (static, dynamic, multiples), many of these are based on the criteria of the appraiser. Some of the areas where company valuation is relevant would be:


  • Market valuation, including the purchase and sale of shares
  • Wills and Inheritances
  • Remuneration based on value created
  • Strategic decisions and planning
  • Arbitration proceedings and lawsuits
  • Partial/total sale of the business

Our legal department, along with our partners, will provide comprehensive counsel regarding any area of the law which our clients require. This may include:


  • Civil, Commercial, and Criminal
  • Contracts, including vendor, sales, options, assignment of lease
  • Claims of payment
  • Evictions
  • General legal counsel

Our team of tax advisors has a wide range of knowledge of the tax regulations and practices at the regional, national and international levels. The tax advisory services that we offer are:


  • Tax analysis for property and real estate investments
  • Tax advice to start a business.
  • Assistance in resolving all types of tax queries
  • Administrative resources.
  • Fiscal testing and validation
  • Filing and consulting with jurisdictional tax agencies
  • Planning, preparation, and filing of all taxes outlined in Spanish tax regulations
  • Tax planning for your business or enterprise.
  • Tax planning and advice at the individual level
  • Assistance, representation, and defense in proceedings with jurisdictional tax agencies
  • Request and management of deferrals
  • Tax planning for real estate transactions
  • ISD (Taxes on Inheritances and Donations) Autonomic and State.

Let us help by evaluating your current policies and insurance coverages. With the help of our INSURNET partner, a part of WILLIS TOWER WATSON, we will ensure you are paying the most competitive price for the best coverage for your situation. Help to optimize your current policies and coverages with the best provider. Some insurance types we specialize in include:


  • Nautical insurance.
  • Ciber Risk
  • Homeowners
  • Civil Liability
  • Health
  • D & O (Administrators and Executives).
  • Multi-risk/Umbrella